Disability Equality Policy 

  1. Policy Statement
    1. This policy outlines Greosn’s commitment to culture of equal opportunities within the workplace, and ensuring that our equal opportunities polies and processes are practiced throughout. Greosn will ensure that all staff can work in a challenging, exciting and nurturing environment, that every member of staff has the opportunity to develop his/her potential, and that everyone works in a safe, comfortable environment with equal access to all services and facilities.
    2. A range of support and guidance is available at Greosn to ensure there are no barriers preventing staff with disabilities from reaching their full potential. We seek and encourage involvement from disabled staff so we are all engaged in removing barriers, setting priorities, assisting planning activity, and influencing delivery and progress.
    3. The aim of this Policy is to continue to build disability equality into all aspects and functions of our work, and address how we can minimise and eradicate negative and discriminatory experiences that disabled staff encounter.
    4. This Policy supports Greosn’s Equal Opportunities Policy, in ensuring that no employee receives favourable or discriminatory treatment on the grounds of any protected characteristic – race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, sex, gender, pregnancy or maternity, marital status, disability, religion, political belief, socio-economic background, parental status, trade union membership, sexual orientation, gender identity, working hours status, or age.
  1. Scope of the policy
    1. This policy is applicable to all Greosn branches, sites and locations across the UK, any Company that falls into the Greosn Group, and to workers currently engaged under a work contract for work assignments with Greosn staff.
    2. This policy does not form part of the work contract for workers, and as such, Greosn reserves the right to amend the policy at any time.
  2. Responsibility for implementation of the policy
    1. The Directors and the Senior Management Team have overall responsibility for the implementation of this policy.
    2. The Compliance department is responsible for monitoring and reviewing the operation of this policy and making recommendations for changes to minimise risk to operations.
    3. Line managers and supervisors are required to familiarise themselves with, and understand this policy, it’s operation, and any related procedures. Compliance will provide training documentation and guidance on the provisions of this policy, as is relevant to their responsibilities.
    4. Questions related to the use, understanding or direction of this policy should be directed to the Compliance department.
  3. Promoting equality
    1. Greosn recognises and is committed to the business case for employing highly motivated employees, to provide high quality service delivery in education and associated social and business sectors. Greosn recognises the significant benefits that are enjoyed through the creation of a more diverse workforce which reflects our client base. We are committed to attracting the talents and expertise of disabled workers, appreciating the value, diversity and skills that all our employees bring to the workplace.
    2. Under the Data Protection Act 1998, it is imperative that we safeguard the confidentiality of personal and medical information. When a person’s disability status is known, all unnecessary disclosures will be avoided
    3. Disclosure will only occur
      • With the explicit consent of the individual
      • When it helps to facilitate the person’s ability to do the job
      • When it is absolutely necessary within the law
      • The applicant or employee will always be informed about the purposes for which personal information will be used.
  4. Data Collection and Monitoring
    1. Greosn recognises that there is widespread under-recording of disabilities in many working environments. We acknowledge that there are sensitivities about declaration and that some people may have hidden impairments and often do not consider themselves to be disabled.
    2. In order to increase declaration and active participation by those with disabilities, we are working to increase the level of trust in our actions and aspirations. We do this by continuing to:
      • Listen actively
      • Encourage participation and involvement
      • Promote positive attitudes
      • Take action to eliminate discrimination
      • Provide specific support tailored for individuals as appropriate
    3. Our intention is to continue to increase the proportion of staff willing to declare a disability. Employment monitoring takes place regularly for recruitment, staff development, retention, promotions, grievances, disciplinaries, redundancies and dismissals.
  5. Policy Review
    1. The Compliance department is responsible for reviewing this policy annually, or as is required, to ensure that it meets legal standards and reflects best practice.