About Us

  • Who are we

    At Greosn, we are a group of industry leading brands ‘always thinking about tomorrow, always working hard today’.

    We are industry leaders and innovators. We are vertically integrated.

    Growing fast but ensuring our sustainable foundations ‘we are always looking for opportunity’.

  • At Greosn we

    Greosn’s Tenet’s

    • Be fair
    • Relish the challenge
    • Face the future with confidence
    • Lead with passion
    • Build with ambition
    • Work with enthusiasm
    • Have fun
    • Champion potential
    • Be resourceful
  • Pansies

    Greosn and our brands make good partners. We are reliable, ethical and friendly.

    At Greosn we are here to build a strong, profitable and sustainable business.

    ‘We enjoy what we do. Our aim is to brighten up people’s lives’.


  • Alex Newey

    Alex Newey


  • Matt Jarrett

    Matt Jarrett


  • Martyn Thomas

    Martyn Thomas